Supplements that helped me clear my acne!

Like I mentioned in my bio, I have dealt with acne for years and at the ripe age of 26 I finally have it under control. If you have ever struggled with acne you know just how challenging it can be. In another blog post I will tell you all the things I have done to get clear glowing skin, but in today’s blog post I will tell you some supplements that helped clear my skin. On a daily basis I take a probiotic, a women’s multivitamin, raw zinc, vitamin C, l- lysine, co-q 10, vitamin A 10,000 iu’s, turmeric, nicadan and spironolactone (both prescription) magnesium and wild Alaskan salmon oil. Although I take all of these on a daily basis I feel the vitamin a, zinc probiotic and spironolactone have had the biggest positive impact on my skin’s health! I am not suggesting this will work for everyone but it has for me. Also make sure to check with your health care provider first before making any changes to your routine. Hope this helps 🙂

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